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Wilier Twin Blade (Black)


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Carbon Monoque 60Ton frame
Shimano Dura A Di2 R8100 Groupset
Mavic Cosmic Elite wheelset
FSA Carbon Custom Wilier handlebar
TRP TTV Brakes

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Earn up to 11,000 Points Points.

Earn up to 11,000 Points Points.


Wilier Twin Blade

Twin Blade

Our approach to aerodynamic design consists of seeing wind and airflow as allies. Our TwinBlade respects the nature of airflow and seeks to manage it at every opportunity in order to maximize efficiency by diminishing air turbulence and resistance. Chainstays, seatstays and fork legs have a wider profile in order to distance them from turbulent air generated by spinning wheels. Our Aerobrake design likewise widens the structural profile of calipers to remove them from the path of rotational air turbulence. The rear Aerobrake is positioned below chainstays and housed within a carbon shell to hide it entirely from the flow of air.Our proprietary Twin Fork was born of research and wind tunnel testing which have taught us that aerodynamic design is about much more than a bike’s frontal area. It’s really all about airflow management: developing a frame and fork capable of directing airflow through and around body parts as well as components and wheels.The most advanced aerodynamics and fluid dynamics studies have led us to measure turbulence in terms of resistance. That is why we chose to name the two airfoil elements that comprise the fork as “flow stabilizers”, each of which boasts an aerodynamic profile that diminishes air turbulence and directs passing airflow in an efficiently linear trajectory. Imagine a diver entering the water while attempting to generate as small a ripple effect or splash as possible. We’ve applied the same concept to frame and fork design, as well as to the combined bike-rider aerodynamic footprint. As a time trialist or triathlete penetrates the wind, the goal is to create as little turbulence as possible

Thin or flat doesn’t mean aero!

The aerodynamic research that went into the design of the TwinFoil was based solidly on bicycles’ effect on airflow.

By implementing the dual foil design, the flow of air at the frontal area of the bike is stabilized and directed in laminar fashion, reducing turbulence and therefore diminishing aerodynamic drag.

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Wilier Triestina’s designers know perfectly well that it is the det ails that make the difference. Little things can make a huge difference. This is why they haven’t neglected any of the details in the new integrated cable system. The plate through which the rear brake cable enters the top tube has been redesigned to permit passage of electronic wires if running an electronic group. This 2-in-1 plate is minimal, almost negligible in weight, and cleanly integrated into the frame


To achieve greater riding stability and aerodynamic efficiency, Wilier Triestina’s technicians have focused their attention and research on the front end of the frame. We found that by repositioning the down tube and the top tube with respect to the head tube, the head tube’s height virtually increases. The resulting virtual increase increases torsional stiffness by 14% over the same size frame in the previous version of the Zero.7

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