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HIGH5 EnergySource Xtreme Sachet


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High caffeine sports drink

• Contains 140mg caffeine per 500ml serving
• Increase your endurance performance
• Maintains your endurance performance
• Helps maintain hydration during exercise
• Race proven in the World’s toughest events
• Light tasting and refreshing
• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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Earn up to 4 Points Points.

Earn up to 4 Points Points.


HIGH5 EnergySource Extreme

EnergySource X’treme is a scientifically formulated carbohydrate and electrolyte sports drink with magnesium and a high caffeine content. X’treme is intended as a one-time caffeine dose. Athletes use it for caffeine loading prior to or during racing and training and towards the end of a long ride. When taking part in tough sports events, caffeine contributes to an increase in endurance performance and capacity¹. That means you can go further than before! It also helps to increase concentration and reaction time².

EnergySource X’treme is the same 2:1 fructose formulation as standard EnergySource, except X’treme contains magnesium and caffeine (140mg/500ml). It is not intended for continuous use during training or an event. Excessive amounts of caffeine can lead to side effects like headache, dizziness and gastrointestinal distress. If you wish to use caffeine continuously throughout your training or event, then switch to EnergySource Plus, which has considerably lower caffeine content (28mg/500ml).

Very occasionally some athletes find that caffeine can increase cramp, so always try in training before racing. If you don’t want to race with caffeine then switch to standard EnergySource.

As part of our Drugs Free policy, we hold stock of products tested for banned substances. If you require tested products then please select “WADA tested” product. This will be shipped with a certificate from our accredited lab. Note, we do not use banned ingredients and have never had a failed test.



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“The advanced 2:1 blend, attractive taste and price will win many friends”
Score: 92% – BEST ON TEST
220 Triathlon, January 2014

Best Performance Product 2011
Functional Sports Nutrition

“High5’s Energy Source proved to be one of the most popular drinks on the test. With a sweet but inoffensive taste, EnergySource is easy to drink consistently throughout a ride or race.”
Cycling Plus, Summer 2013

Best Performance Product 2014
Functional Sports Nutrition

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