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2016 Wilier Zero.7 Frameset – Medium


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The Wilier Zero.7 Frameset shows that Wilier has taught superlight bikes a trick or two when it comes to comfort.

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Wilier Zero 7


Zero.7 is the lightest bicycle Wilier Triestina has ever made, and the revolution it leads has a specific goal: setting the new design standard for ultra-light racing bikes . The frame weighs under 800 grams, but the technology applied to it differs from those normally used in this type of bicycle. The team of engineers in Rossano Veneto applied technologies to the Zero.7 that were developed for the Cento1SR and Cento1 AIR: cable integration, integrated fork, and better aerodynamic efficiency to name only a few. Zero.7 is therefore the natural evolution of the Zero.7 platform as we have known and ridden it thus f ar. The most noticeable apsect of the new frame is the shape, featuring less volume than the previous version of the Zero.7. New construction techniques have allowed us to reduce the volume of the frame tubes by 19%. However, the smaller diameter tubes have not reduced lateral stiffness or the safety of the frame. Quite the contrary. In the process of producing the Zero.7 monocoque frame, we use an internal liner made of a special thermoplastic material, into which the bladder is inserted. This internal liner helps to create a uniform and equal pressure along the inner carbon walls of the frame. With this process, we achieve total control over the thickness and smoothness of the frame walls. Thus the pressure exerted on the inside of the frame from the bladder is distributed equally over all points on the frame. This construction technique allows us to give the frame considerable stiffness at the most critical points without adding carbon to these parts, keeping the frame ultra-light.


S.E.I. (Special Elastic Infiltrated) Film, introduced with the development of the first version of the Zero.7 in 2011, is an exclusive viscoelastic material which is placed between the layers of carbon in the frame to improve vibration absorption and shock resistance. Stiffness makes for the efficient use of muscle power, which is why we use ultra-high modulus carbon fiber such as 60TON in the Zero.7. But stiffness doesn’t exactly translate into comfort! S.E.I. Film allows us to preserve the frame’s performance (the speed generated by a certain amount of power) while reducing the effect of vertical stress transmitted by the ground while riding. S.E.I. Film also helps us reduce the frame weight because we can use less lower modulus carbon which would normally be added for elasticity to improve comfort. When compared to a frame made of the same type of c arbon but without S.E.I. Film, Zero.7 has:
– 35% more shock resistance
– 18% lower risk of delamination
– 12% greater capacity to bend without breaking
Additional elements that make the Zero.7 a comfortable bike to ride are the 27.2 mm seatpost diameter and thin seat stays for additional comfort and absorption of vertical stress without wasting the muscle power applied to the pedals.
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Wilier Triestina’s designers know perfectly well that it is the det ails that make the difference. Little things can make a huge difference. This is why they haven’t neglected any of the details in the new integrated cable system. The plate through which the rear brake cable enters the top tube has been redesigned to permit passage of electronic wires if running an electronic group. This 2-in-1 plate is minimal, almost negligible in weight, and cleanly integrated into the frame


To achieve greater riding stability and aerodynamic efficiency, Wilier Triestina’s technicians have focused their attention and research on the front end of the frame. We found that by repositioning the down tube and the top tube with respect to the head tube, the head tube’s height virtually increases. The resulting virtual increase increases torsional stiffness by 14% over the same size frame in the previous version of the Zero.7


The BB386EVO system takes the construction concept of oversized central movement successfully introduced by Wilier Triestina in 2009 to new limits. We came up with an innovative way of obtaining unprecedented stiffness at a critical point in the frame, perfectly incorporating a stiff crankset into a stiff frame. The traditional BB30 was inadequate as it required a 68 mm frame in the frameset: too small for the degree of stiffness we wanted

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