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  • Official Ftech Wineland Kit Set Black (Pre Order)

    Official Ftech Wineland Kit set Black (Pre Order)

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  • Official Ftech Wineland Kit Set Red (Pre Order)

    Official Ftech Wineland Kit set Red (Pre Order)

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  • Waterberg Encounter Shorts (PRE ORDER)

    Waterberg Encounter Shorts (PRE ORDER)

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  • Winelands Encounter Gloves (Pre Order)

    Winelands Encounter Gloves (Pre Order)

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The ASG Club

Weekly mountain and road bike rides that are suitable for all riding levels from novice to expert, Our ASG riding club is about creating strong lasting bonds within the cycling community.

Come join us for one of our weekly rides, meet our members and talk cycling over a cup of coffee or tea.

Call our club manager for riding times | +27 888 79 79

ASG BikeScience

In 2009, after graduating in Sports Science and driven by the desire to find the perfect synergy between a person and the bike, Niklas Quetri and Enrico Licini decided to create 4Performance. From biomechanics to functional evaluation and preparation, the pair applies anatomical science and knowledge in a structured way, inspired by the most up-to-date scientific studies, whilst avoiding obsolete practices.

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